Pearl & Crystal Necklaces

Handmade Beaded Pearls and Crystal Necklaces


Snowflake Crystal Necklace
Butterfly Pearl Multi-Circle Necklace
Barely There Crystal Necklace
Textured Peach Pearl Necklace
Green Tourmaline with Black Onyx and Crystal Necklace
Cascading Red Crystal and Pearl Necklace
Princess Pearl and Crystal Necklace
Asymmetrical Blue Topaz and Pearl Necklace
Slinky Black Diamond Crystal Necklace
Arte Designs beaded necklaces include genuine cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Swarovski crystal pearls. These unique designs are perfect for every occasion. Perfect for Brides and Bridesmaid Jewelry.

Arte Designs individually knots all necklaces and bracelets that are strung on a continuous thread. Why Knot Pearls by Kim Lee Ozawa:

1. If you accidentally break your necklace or bracelet, you won't have beads flying all over the place.

2. The knots between each bead will prevent the beads from rubbing against each other and cracking.

3. Your necklace or bracelet will lay softly when they are individually knotted. Without knots, the strand will be stiff and uncomfortable.