Pearl & Crystal Earrings

Beaded Pearl and Crystal Earrings


Long Hook White Pearl Earrings
Long Post White Pearl Earrings
Curve Square White Pearl Earrings
Textured Peach Pearl Earrings
Single Peach Pearl Earrings
Tiny Opal and Pearl Earrings
Tiny Triangle Opal and Pearl Earrings
Tiny Square Opal and Pearl Earrings
Cascading Light Topaz Crystal Sparkler Earrings with CZ
Cherish Crystal and Pearl Earrings
Garnet and Pearl Earrings
Rose Heart Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Cascading Red Crystal Sparkler Earrings
Black Crystal Dipped Spike Earrings
CZ Dipped Point Earrings
Triple Black Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Large Filigree Chandelier Earrings
Gunmetal Crystal Dipped Spike Earrings
Sultry Black Diamond Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Multi-circle Earrings with Black Diamond Crystals
Black Diamond Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Diamond Link Peacock Pearl Earrings
Seductive Peacock Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Flat Square Peacock Pearl Earrings
Handmade crystal and beaded pearl earrings by Arte Designs. We offer a variety of casual and dressy earrings at affordable prices, so go ahead and treat yourself!