Birthstone Lockets

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Swarovski crystal birthstone colors: Due to light reflection and computer screen settings, some colors may appear a little lighter than the actual bead color.


January Birthstone - Dark Red Garnet


February Birthstone - Amethyst Swarovski Crystal


March Birthstone - Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal


April Birthstone - Clear Swarovski Crystal


May Birthstone - Green Emerald


June Birthstone - White Genuine Pearl

Genuine Pearl

July Birthstone - Red Ruby


August Birthstone - Peridot Swarovski Crystal


September Birthstone - Sapphire Swarovski Crystal


October Birthstone - Pacific Opal 2XAB

Pacific Opal 2XAB

November Birthstone - Light Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz

December Birthstone - Blue Zircon Swarovski Crystal

Blue Zircon

How To Cut a Picture For Your Locket by Kim Lee Ozawa:

1. Copy and paste your picture several times onto a Microsoft Word document.

2. Once you have pasted your picture several times in Word, click on each picture, then drag the bottom of each picture to size it. Size each picture differently on the same page, and then print it out. You should be able to find one picture that fits your locket size perfectly. If not, repeat the steps above.

3. Open your locket and trace one side of it on a piece of paper for an approximate outline. Cut out what you've traced, but cut it a little smaller than your outline. See how that fits in your locket. If you're not happy with the fit, try again.

4. Take the piece of paper that you've cut out and place it on top of your picture (over the area you want in your locket). Cut around the paper with the picture and you're done!

* Sterling silver lockets are not watertight. Pictures may get damaged if you get your locket wet. Avoid wearing your locket while bathing or swimming.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, it should be kept in a zip lock bag. This will help prevent some tarnishing and protect your jewelry from getting scratched. Click here for more information on how to care for your jewelry.

Create a personalized birthstone locket by choosing a sterling silver locket pendant and your birthstone color or your favorite Swarovski crystal color. Each birthstone locket comes with a strong, but delicate sterling silver rolo chain. Choose a scent locket pendant or a locket for your pictures. Makes a great gift for yourself or for someone special.

Birthstone Lockets with Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Colors - All sterling silver chains have a sterling silver spring ring clasp in the back. Contact me if you would like to purchase a chain length that is not offered.